Raw Rainbow Shigras Bag M
Raw Rainbow Shigras Bag M

Raw Rainbow Shigras Bag M

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Handmade bag woven with cabuya fibre in Ecuador. Handle and print made of vegetable leather
sewn in Ubrique. Each design is unique.

Limited collection


  • Height/length: 25 cm
  • Width of base: 18 cm
  • Opening width: 23 cm
  • Length of handle: 40 cm


Out of stock

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Shigras Bag

La Mansa's limited collection of Shigras bags is one of the most trending products of the summer season. Since its first launch in the pandemic summer of 2020, it has been one of the collections that has caused the most furore among our loyal customers and international clients. The body of the bag is made from cabuya, a natural fibre obtained from the agave plant in the Ecuadorian Andes.

The word Shigra means "Bag" in Kichwa in the language of the indigenous women of this region who are the creators of these handcrafted pieces. The handle and the print of the body of the bag are sewn by hand in our factory in Ubrique, (Cádiz) with top quality vegetable leather.
Each Shigras bag has a unique design thanks to the work of the craftsmen and craftswomen from
Ecuador and Spain who are part of the process of this totally handmade and sustainable piece.

As it is a delicate piece, it is advisable not to put too much weight on the bag to avoid damaging it.

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