Raspberry Suede Ethnic Bag
Raspberry Suede Ethnic Bag

Raspberry Suede Ethnic Bag

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Shoulder bag made with nubuck leather in Ubrique. Cotton shoulder bag made in La Guajira.
The shoulder bag cannot be interchanged with any other of our models.

Collection of limited units.


  • Width: 8 cm
  • Length: 28 cm
  • Height: 19 cm
  • Handle height: 50 cm

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Ethnic Suede Bag

Bag made of nubuck leather in our factory in Ubrique, (Cádiz). It has an inside pocket and an outside pocket on the front of the bag. The closure is with zip. The shoulder strap is made with cotton using the crochet technique in the community of La Guajira, (Colombia).
The shoulder strap cannot be interchanged with any other of our models. In La Mansa we are committed to invest in exclusive handmade pieces of sustainable production that can teleport you to other corners of the planet. Collection of limited units.

The shoulder bag cannot be exchanged with another of our models.

Special care

Do not get the bag wet. Clean with special products for leather, suede and nubuck. The inga
shoulder bag can be machine washed and sun dried, do not tumble dry.

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