Nairobi Belt Blue Green Flame Buckle
Nairobi Belt Blue Green Flame Buckle

Nairobi Belt Blue Green Flame Buckle


Belt of colored beads sewn by indigenous women from the Mombasa tribe of Kenya. The leather is worked in our factory in Ubrique. The flame-shaped buckle is exclusive design by the CEO of La Mansa.


  • Belt width: 4 cm
  • Metal buckle

How to calculate your size:

Measure the perimeter of your waist. The resulting measurement is the size, corresponding to the distance between the central hole of the belt and the outer side of the buckle

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Nairobi Belt

This belt model is the result of the fusion of the characteristic style of the Mombasa tribe of Kenya and the quality leather of the Cadiz town of Ubrique. Each belt has a layer of colored beads hand-sewn onto a leather base by indigenous women of the Mombasa tribe. Later, in Ubrique, the leather is replaced by La Mansa’s own leather, which we treat exclusively in our factory. In this process, our craftsmen delicately penetrate the layer of sewn beads, being very careful not to damage it, and sew it to the final leather. This work takes approximately 3 or 4 hours for each piece. Finally, the characteristic flame-shaped buckle of this collection of belts, designed exclusively by the CEO of La Mansa, is added.

The width of the belt is 4 cm. The buckle is metal.

As part of the La Mansa collection, this belt is a pure work of craftsmanship in which we merge the work of expert hands from Kenya and Spain. At La Mansa we bet on the mixture of cultures. Mixing gives you more, mixing is knowing. This is our source of inspiration.

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