Ethnic Vereda Tote Bag
Ethnic Vereda Tote Bag

Ethnic Vereda Tote Bag

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Handbag made of natural palm fibre and side woven with Panamanian mola by the artisans of the Kuna ethnic group of Panama.


  • Height: 36 cm
  • Base: 34 cm
  • Inside width: 8 cm

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Ethnic Vereda Tote Bag

As part of the La Mansa collection, the Vereda tote bag is made from recycled cotton. The front is made of ‘mola’ fabric sewn in panels with complex designs and multiple layers of different colours using the reverse appliqué technique, characteristic of the artisans of the Kuna ethnic group of Panama. In the Kuna language, ‘mola’ means “clothes” or “blouse”. The inside of the bag is made of cotton, attached to the structure of the bag.

At La Mansa we are committed to collections that emerge from different traditional cultures in which these three values are always present: handmade, originality and sustainable consumption.
The mixture of cultures and diversity make the planet a better, richer and more attractive place. To mix is to know. At La Mansa we believe this applies to all aspects of life. Therein lies our inspiration.

Care of the garment
– Keep the bag dry
– In case of stains, wipe with a damp cloth in warm water and then dry to maintain the properties of the natural raffia.
– Dry in the sun

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