Masai Star Dog Collar


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Collares de cuentas de diferentes colores cosidas a una base de cuero. Hebilla de metal.

How to calculate your size:

To know the size of your pet, measure the perimeter of its neck with a meter. The measurement is the size that corresponds to the distance between the central hole of the collar and the outer side of the buckle.

  • Talla XS: 26 cm
  • Talla S: 32 cm
  • Talla M: 38 cm

Use 4 to show the number of interested people

Masai Dog Collar

Como parte de la colección de La Mansa, los collares de perro mombassa están fabricados con cuentas de colores cosidas cada una a mano sobre una base de cuero vacuno. Esta labor la realizan los artesanos de la etnia masai, de una pequeña región de Kenia que componen los diseños geométricos de los collares y cinturones.

La hebilla es de metal. El ancho del collar es de 3 cm.

Dog breeds

  • Talla XS: Raza de perros mini: teckel, chihuahua, dachshund, pinscher miniatura.
  • Sizes: Raza de perros pequeños/medianos: pomerania, yorkshire terrier, caniche, bichon maltes, bulldog francés, Schnauzer miniatura.
  • Size M: Medium/Large Slender Dog Breed: Weimaraner, Dalmatians, Bulldog, Beagle, Greyhound, Afghan Hound.

If you need a smaller size, please contact us through our mail or by Whastapp BA message.

Garment sizes

XS, S, M, L, XL

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(the measurement from the end of the buckle to the third hole is equal to the cm of the size)

Trick to know your belt size

Multiply the pant size by 2 and add 10. Example: if you have a 36 pant size, it would be 36×2=72, +10 = 82, so it would be an 85* (if your size is in the middle of a pant size belt, as in this case, always choose the upper one).

The first size change is free!


(the measurement from the end of the buckle to the third hole is equal to the cm of the size)

Trick to know the belt size of your little one 

We recommend that you measure your waist with a meter from home to know the exact cm. Here below you have a size guide to serve as an orientation.

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Use a household meter (measuring tape) and place it around your forehead, going all the way around your head. Mark and measure.

Repeat the same procedure to confirm the previous measurement.

The result obtained is equivalent to the size you have to buy.

Remember: it is important to feel comfortable. In case of doubt, always choose a larger size.



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