Mustard Kaloval Bag


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Handcrafted in Chiapas with cotton threads on a backstrap loom, pre-Hispanic textile technique. The handle is a braid of thick colored threads.


  • height 40cm
  • 22cm handle

Availability: In stock

Mustard Kaloval Bag

The Kaloval bag is made by hand in Mexico using the 'backstrap loom', a pre-Hispanic textile technique from the culture of the State of Chiapas. For its elaboration, they use cotton threads of different colors that are dyed with natural dyes obtained from native plants and insects. This natural dye technique is very common in the artisan communities of Mexico. The handle is made with a braid of colored threads that make it comfortable to wear that fits perfectly on the shoulder.

Once they arrive in Spain, they are sent to our factory in Ubrique, where the leather stamp with the brand logo is sewn by hand.

Kaloval bags form one of the most characteristic products of La Mansa. A timeless, versatile and, above all, cheerful bag for the person wearing it. The designs arise from the combination of ideas from the artisan Patricia and members of the La Mansa team to create original and exclusive designs.

Curious fact

The name 'Kaloval' comes from the Tzotzil language, spoken in northern Chiapas by locals who are part of the same ethnic group. Its translation into Spanish is 'Thank you', which was what the master craftswoman said to one of the owners of La Mansa when they met in 2018 to give themselves this growth and business opportunity for both.

Special cares

It is not recommended to wash the bag in a washing machine. If you want to wash it, it must be cold and by hand applying a brush or cloth with gentle movements.

More information

If you need information about the characteristics of any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us through our mail.

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