Beige Blue Stripe Wayuu Totem Bag
Beige Blue Stripe Wayuu Totem Bag

Beige Blue Stripe Wayuu Totem Bag

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Maxi shopping bag with handles in the same colour. Piece made by hand using the crochet
technique with coloured over-threads.


  • Base: 42 cm
  • Height: 36 cm
  • Opening: 42 cm
  • Handle: 25 cm

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Wayuu Totem Bag

The Wayuu Totem bag is characterised by its handmade production using the crochet technique by
the artisan women of La Guajira (Colombia). Each bag is crocheted with different coloured yarns. The designs arise from the combination of ideas contributed by the artisans and member from La Mansa team. We have been working with this community of artisans for more than 8 years, which allows us to continue improving our models and designs each season, creating exclusive pieces for our customers.

Responsible consumption

We are working to make our business model more and more sustainable. At La Mansa we want you
to buy consciously and invest in entirely handmade pieces. The collection of Totem Bags is a
collection of limited units as it is a completely handmade product in which the manufacturing time takes approximately 6 days to make just one unit. Help us to promote responsible consumption. Plan your purchases and invest in pieces with a great handmade value.

Garment care

Wash or care for delicate garment. Dry by hand.

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