About us

About us

Our Story

“Everthing begin 15 years ago when I visited a livestock fair in Palermo (Argentina). Suddenly, a rawhide market craftsman with colorful belts crossed my path. I liked them and decided to buy one, which I still keep today. When I returned to Seville, no one knew what are now called “Argentine belts”, so I decided to return to Argentina to buy more belts and start a business as a personal hobby.

That first trip gave birth to a hundred trips around the world, in which each place offers me thousands of ideas, I discover new cultures and meet endearing people. Providers of ideas, raw materials, adventure companions, becoming friends today. I consider them a fundamental part of this project, without them it would be impossible. They open their houses and their hearts to me, they tell me about their problems and I help them in my possibilities ”.

– Eduardo Barbé, CEO La Mansa

Handcrafted designs

La Mansa redefines and revalues ​​the concept of craftsmanship, placing it at the base of its manufacture. All our products are special pieces made by hand by artisans from small communities in more than 10 countries around the world, in addition to having a factory in Ubrique, in the land of the best artisanal leather in Spain.

The production process is characterized by the use of natural fibers and organic textiles through traditional techniques rooted in the culture of each community. In this way, handcrafted manufacturing adds a special touch to each piece that results in an exclusive product with great human value.

Our Collections

La Mansa’s designs emerge from the mixture of cultures from different parts of the world. Their union creates a unique personality and brand loyalty from customers. The La Mansa collections have an ethnic aesthetic fused with new designs in which these three values ​​are always present:

1st Handmade: We carry out the work with enthusiasm and expert hands. Each piece of La Mansa is unique, like a fingerprint. The work of the artisans with whom we work constitutes the basic pillar of all our collections.

2nd Originality: As they are handcrafted products based on the creativity of all the designers who are part of the process, we guarantee that they are unique, different models that differ while complementing new trends.

3º Consumption and sustainable fashion: Our collections are of small quantities, highlighting the human value of each product and respecting the environment through the use of recycled and organic materials. We want to distance ourselves from the fast fashion model where the consumer is unaware of the manufacturing conditions. With the sale of our products, we promote the development of small towns and improve their quality of life.

Inspired by the world

La Mansa products denote an adventurous spirit without borders. As a whole, they form different ways of seeing the world that are connected by a line like the Andes mountain range that runs through Latin America, where some of our ideas come from as well as our roots. We work to share our way of understanding aesthetics, combining it with a knowledge and taste for current fashion that results in an elegant, casual, original and stylish fusion.

Mixing gives you more. Not only in fashion. The mix of cultures and diversity make the planet a better, richer and more attractive place. Mixing is knowing. At La Mansa we believe this can be applied to all aspects of life. Therein lies our inspiration.

Who is behind La Mansa?

Eduardo Barbé
  • CEO
María Barbé
  • Head of Sales and Management

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